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Ambit -

   "a sphere of influence"


At Ambit 360, we believe that assessing the impact of your mission-driven work need not be dauntingly complicated, mysterious, or overly burdensome.  ​We strive to bring it within your reach, while making the process as clear, straightforward, and relevant to your mission as possible.

  • We listen.  We want to solve your problems, not impose our solutions.

  • We honor your efforts to make a difference and want to help you succeed.

  • We strive to keep things simple and accessible.

  • We apply an equity lens to all our work.


Larry McGill, Ph.D., founder and principal, brings to Ambit 360 Consulting more than 30 years of multiple-method research and evaluation experience in the philanthropic, academic, and commercial sectors.  He has written widely in the areas of philanthropic data and practice, arts and culture, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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