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Research & Evaluation



We conduct custom research studies designed to answer specific questions, solve problems, and inform decision-making.   We tailor the methodology to fit the research question. 

As appropriate, we create and field surveys, lead focus groups, conduct interviews, perform knowledge scans, and facilitate human-centered design exercises to gather the knowledge you need.  We package and disseminate the results of our research in concise, clearly written reports and compelling presentations.

Implementing Your Theory of Change

Mission-driven organizations operate in complex human ecosystems that are not easily modeled using standard evaluative methods. Ambit Analysis is an empirically-grounded, qualitative approach to building and implementing a dynamic theory of change that reflects the concrete realities of the situation in which you operate.

The Ambit Analysis process is human-centered, flexible, and driven by what is learned along the way. The outcome is a clearer understanding of your ambit - your sphere of influence - and how to leverage it most effectively.

Communicating Your Story


What does the world know about the work of your mission-driven organization? How well are you telling your organization’s story to those who need to hear it? 


The success of your mission depends not only on achieving results but also on how well you communicate your impact.  We can help you organize and visualize data and craft coherent narratives that show how your work is making a difference.

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