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Multi-Method Research & Evaluation

We conduct custom research studies designed to answer specific questions, solve problems, and inform decision-making.   We adapt the methodology to fit the research question. 

As appropriate, we create and field surveys, lead focus groups, conduct interviews, perform knowledge scans, and facilitate human-centered design exercises to gather the knowledge you need.  We package and disseminate the results of our research in concise, clearly written reports and compelling presentations.

Impact Assessment Using the SDGs
Absent clear and practical guidelines, the nonprofit sector has struggled for years to assess the impact of its work.  The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), rolled out globally in 2015, offer the most comprehensive roadmap ever created for setting well-defined goals for change and measuring progress toward achieving them.
Ambit 360 is a field leader in tailoring the SDG framework to the work of foundations and nonprofits.   Through a guided process, organizations develop the knowledge and skills to systematically assess their impact and communicate the value of their work using the powerful language of actions and intentionality that underlies the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Philanthropic Data & Practice

Ambit 360 has nearly two decades of hands-on experience collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data about foundations and nonprofits.  As a result, we know the ins and outs of the sector, the strengths and weaknesses of its data, and how to derive legitimate and practical conclusions from philanthropy-focused research.

We work with organizations to optimize their data and knowledge management practices to ensure that the critical decisions they make are supported by robust and reliable information.

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